Bringing the Spirit of Heaven and Earth into Your Home

Feng Shui Hawaiian Style

By Marta Barreras, Master Feng Shui Practitioner

E ola au “Grant me life”

From the heavenly wonders of the Mauna Kea summit to the powerful creative forces of Kiluea’s molten lava flow, our beautiful island of Hawai‘i offers us an opportunity to experience the powers of both heaven and earth in their most pristine form. It is here that one can truly experience the cosmological significance of heaven and earth that is present in both Hawaiian and Taoist traditions.

In Hawaiian mythology, Papa (earth mother) joined with Wakea (sky father) and gave birth to Ho’ohokukalani (the heavenly one who made the stars). In Taoist philosophy, Yin (the primordial feminine) and Yang (primordial masculine) join in a synergistic union that gives birth to the entire physical Universe.

The ancient wisdom of these concepts reveals to us that a vital creative force springs forth when the essential energies of heaven and earth, or masculine and feminine, are joined in a dynamic balance. What if we could use this creative force in our own lives and our surroundings? We can, within the ancient systems that have been used for millennia to access this energy to enhance and bring prosperity into our lives. Of them, the science of Feng Shui is one of the most profound.

Accessing the Creative Forces Within

Click the cover to see this story in our digital magazine.

Click the cover to see this story in our digital magazine.

Feng Shui, the ancient science of building and space alignment, is a branch of Chinese medicine that helps us to improve and optimize our lives through our homes and workspaces The fundamental principle of Feng Shui is that everything in the physical universe is made up of Ch’i, or life force energy. (In Hawaiian, this energy is called “mana”.)

Modern science is only now beginning to embrace this knowledge, as well. According to the laws of physics, matter equals energy. And although Einstein proved this decades ago, modern science now proclaims that our universe began as energy and the forms that we perceive as solid are simply patterns of energy vibrating at different frequencies.

Therefore, Ch’i, or mana, is like the invisible breath of the universe. It is constantly flowing through our bodies, homes and our workspaces. Ch’i surrounds and embraces us. It could be said that we are literally marinating in the Ch’i in our environments. And, in truth, this Ch’i has a powerful impact on how we feel, how we think and what we attract into our lives. Hence, just as it is crucial to drink clean water and breathe clean air, it is vitally important that the Ch’i in our spaces be of optimal quality and that it flows harmoniously throughout. This is the primary purpose of Feng Shui.

Ola ka ‘āina “The land lives”

Feng Shui works to enhance, restore and draw out the natural healing forces within the land. It employs an energy map that helps to restore the cosmic blueprint within your living and workspace. Unlike some popular, superficial approaches to this science, Feng Shui applied in its most powerful, authentic methods will restore creative life force to even the most depleted spaces, resulting in greater wellness, harmony and prosperity for its inhabitants, as well as a blessing to the land of the surrounding areas.

Peace Begins at Home

It is a matter of fact that our peaceful, healing island of Hawai‘i will continue to be built upon and developed over the years to come. Even though we cannot truly stop this development, we can begin to apply the science of Feng Shui within our own homes to anchor a dynamic sense of balance and harmony that will radiate out to bless the land and the inhabitants of the surrounding area. ❖

Ua mau ke ea o ka ‘āina i ka pono — The life of the land is perpetuated (sustained) in righteousness (right balance).

Ua mau ke ea o ka ‘āina i ka pono — The life of the land is perpetuated (sustained) in righteousness (right balance).

Basic Feng Shui Improvements You Can Do

Although the science of Feng Shui takes decades to master, here are some simple things you can do to begin to draw more balanced, creative energy into your home:

Clear out clutter. Do your spirits literally drop when you enter a cluttered room? Through the power of resonance, our bodies and minds reflect the quality of energy flowing throughout our homes and workspaces.

If your home or office is filled with too many things, this creates a blockage in the healthy flow of Ch’i. Even lovely items, if there are too many, can create a blockage. And according to Feng Shui principles, this blockage has a negative impact on physical health and can cause a sense of depression or overwhelm. Let go of items that are no longer current in your life. They may be unconsciously holding you in the past and keeping you from attracting and embracing new opportunities in life.

Enhance the entryway. Do your guests and family feel a sense of welcome immediately upon entering your home? The entry of a building is called “ch’i kou” or the mouth of ch’i. This is one of the most important areas of the structure in Feng Shui because it is where a powerful force of ch’i enters into the building. The ch’i kou location determines the quantity and quality of life force energy flowing into the space, thus having a primary impact on the health, harmony and prosperity of the occupants. Be sure that your entrance is clear, uncluttered and welcoming. Try adding brightly colored flowers and/or welcoming statuary to your front walkway. Placing a water fountain at the entrance is a powerful way to invite a greater flow of health and prosperity into the building. ❖

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