Water for Living with Balance and Prosperity

Feng Shui Hawaiian Style

By Marta Barreras, Master Feng Shui Practitioner

There is a beautiful gift that the ancient Hawaiians have passed down through generations: the ability to live in harmony with nature. For centuries, the Hawaiians of old lived with a deep interconnectedness with nature that gave them power and nourishment on every level—physical, emotional and spiritual.

He wai e ola! “The water of life!”

Water, in particular was seen as a sacred source of life and wealth. It was considered to be so valuable that the ancient Hawaiians used the word “wai”, meaning fresh water, to indicate wealth. And to signify prosperity and abundance, they would say “waiwai”.

Kane is one of the four major Hawaiian gods (Kane, Ku, Lono and Kanaloa). The god of fresh water, he is considered to be the creator of all life. From the earliest days, Kane’s waters have been described to be the source of creation, renewal and regeneration.

Water as Medicine

Click the cover to see this story in our digital magazine.

Click the cover to see this story in our digital magazine.

In Hawaiian and many other ancient cultures and traditions, water symbolizes our mind, our emotions and our dreams. Coming from this perspective, we can begin to understand why it is necessary for our overall health and wellbeing to cultivate a positive relationship to this powerful element.

According to acupuncture and Chinese medicine, when our water ch’i (or life force energy) is healthy and plentiful, we feel a natural sense of calm, inspiration, creativity and willpower. We are able to attract abundance to us with fluidity and ease. We are also able to easily connect with our intuitive and spiritual self.

If our water ch’i is weak we will experience adrenal stress, fear, anxiety, competition, and discouragement. We struggle to attain prosperity and we lack depth and meaningful purpose in life.

Water and Feng Shui

The owners of this home have incorporated ceramic pots with plants, a large lava rock waterfall and a beautiful rose quartz crystal lamp to offset the large swimming pool and ocean view water features behind their home.

The owners of this home have incorporated ceramic pots with plants, a large lava rock waterfall and a beautiful rose quartz crystal lamp to offset the large swimming pool and ocean view water features behind their home.

With feng shui, we can assess the water element in our surroundings to effectively benefit from its positive qualities. But just like approaching the ocean, we must utilize this powerful element with respect and correct knowledge.

Water in the right placement, such as near the front entrance of the home, is highly auspicious. It can draw a powerful flow of positive energy into the home. This can result in greater health, relationship harmony and financial success for its occupants.

However, water placed incorrectly can be equally powerful in the opposite way. Positioning a large body of water in the back of the home is one example of poor placement of the water element. Just as our bodies need a strong backbone for stability and health, our home (which is viewed as our greater body) needs the stability of the earth element as a “backbone” to support the life goals and aspirations of its occupants. Therefore, a home with a large body of water positioned to its rear, like a swimming pool or the ocean, can drain its occupants of physical, emotional and financial resources.

Given the high percentage of island homes that are designed with the ocean to the rear, this can be startling news. But don’t be dismayed! Fortunately, the ancient wisdom of feng shui, gives us the ability to remedy modern building and design imbalances. It gives us the guidelines and tools to redirect improper ch’i flow so that we can harmonize with and benefit from the powerful elements of nature, just like the Hawaiians of old. ❖

Feng Shui Tips: Harnessing the Water Element for Balance and Prosperity

Feng shui is powerful, positive medicine for your life. Because of this, it has become very popularized in recent years. But, just like acupuncture, feng shui is an in-depth science, and working with only a bit of knowledge can actually be hazardous. So, while it is always best to get proper training and/or consult an expert when building and designing for positive energy flow and harmony, below are some guidelines you can rely on.

Do you have the ocean, a swimming pool or pond behind your home?

Any large body of water highlighted behind the home will transform water’s flowing gifts into an unstable foundation for life. Use the earth element to help stabilize and sustain your situation. Incorporate some large rocks, boulders and large ceramic pots in earth tones behind your home. For the most powerful results, place one or two large earth crystals or geodes behind your home. Crystals and geodes that have been growing in the ground for millennia have concentrated earth energy, or “mana,” that will anchor and stabilize health, harmony and finances in your life.

Do you desire greater harmony and love in your life?

The water element in your bedroom can bring up emotional issues in your relationships. Remove all pictures of waterscapes, fountains, hot tubs and water-suggesting colors (such as black, navy or dark brown) from your bedroom area. Even an enhanced view of the ocean from the bedroom can be problematic. Diffuse the view with sheers that will allow proper light to shine through and enjoy your ocean view from other areas of the house. Rose quartz lamps in the bedroom can help to offset water features that are not removable.

Do you desire greater ease and flow in your creative and/or financial life?

Incorporate a waterfall or water fountain at your entrance or in the wealth area (the far left corner of your property from the front entrance). Be sure that the water is flowing toward the house to direct positive opportunity into your life. Water flowing away from the house or property will drain you of essential resources. When incorporating a water feature at the front entrance, be sure to place it to the right of the door when entering the house.

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