Island Treasures: Michael Arthur Jayme Gallery and Studio – Honomū

Island-Made Products and Where to Find Them

By Brittany P. Anderson

Charming downtown Honomū is home to Michael Arthur Jayme Gallery and Studio, a unique gallery offering over 19 different artists’ work that ranges from pottery to abstract paintings. Artist and owner Michael Arthur Jayme can be found painting while answering questions and offering details regarding the individual works as patrons stroll through the gallery.

Michael moved to Hawai‘i Island in 2015 after living in the Sonora Desert area of Arizona. He had the calling to be an artist at an early age and has been creating artwork all his life. Michael is a self-taught painter having only taken one painting workshop throughout his career. While living in Arizona, he owned his own gallery and organized numerous exhibitions in the area. He has found success in several mediums and a range of styles including representational, watercolors, abstract painting, oil paint with pallet knives, and painted silks. Many of Michael’s pieces are for sale in the gallery with his silk scarves being one of the most popular. Having a studio space within his gallery is Michael’s way of maximizing his creativity. “For me, a day without creating art is like a day without breathing,” he quips.

Click the cover to see this story in our digital magazine.

Click the cover to see this story in our digital magazine.

The Hāmākua coast’s energy resonates deeply with Michael. He visited Hawai‘i Island on a whim, but once here he didn’t want to leave. Reluctantly returning home, Michael immediately placed his house for sale. He wanted to live perched on the cliffs of the Hāmākua and after several years and 20 more trips back to the island, Michael found his sanctuary.

The artists shown at the gallery represent the best of what East Hawai‘i has to offer. “Sharing my space with other artists just enriches my life and my art tremendously,” Michael explains as his large abstract paintings hang behind him. It is the variety that truly sets Michael Arthur Jayme Gallery and Studio apart. Michael has selected a full range of pieces being created in East Hawai‘i. Honomū based artist Robert Weiss’ en plein air paintings, Hawaiian Paradise Park jewelry artist Kimberly Hagen’s porcelain sea urchin earrings are just a few of the local artists at the gallery.

Michael enjoys speaking to visitors and locals about Hawai‘i Island artists. “I welcome everyone who comes in to be ‘ohana,” Michael says. He is very knowledgeable about the artists and the work on display. The gallery has a layout that is easy to peruse with consideration to artist, medium, and subject. A display case containing Jim Potts’ sea glass with fine silver jewelry separates the gallery from studio space. Michael explains as he spreads paint over stretched fine silk how Jim uses sea glass found just 4 miles from the shop to create the eye-catching pendants and earrings.

Whether you are an avid art collector or simply looking to have a unique piece to call your own, it can be found at Michael Arthur Jayme Gallery and Studio. Artists and artwork vary throughout the month. One thing that doesn’t change is Michael’s enthusiasm for local art. ❖

Michael Arthur Jayme
Gallery and Studio
28-1680 Old Māmalahoa Hwy. Honomū, HI 96728
Open daily from 11am-5pm

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