Then & Now: Pu‘uhonua

Second in a series of profiles on Hawai‘i Island National Parks, by Robert Oaks… Traditional Hawaiian society was regulated by a series of rules—kapu—the violation of which led to severe punishment, often including death. Examples of violating a kapu included … Continue reading

2012 Transit of Venus

…Hawai‘i Island Best Place to See a Rare Astronomical Event… By Jon Lomberg… June 5, 2012 On June 5, 2012, the Earth, Sun, and the planet Venus will briefly line up, and Venus will slowly move across the Sun’s face, … Continue reading

Every Store Has a Story

…The Saito Family and Pa‘auilo Store… By Hadley Catalano… It might just be that a simple bento roll is what has kept the Saito family of Hāmākua in business all these years, and helped their family store to recently reach … Continue reading

The Nene Project

…GPS Tracking Reveals the Hawaiian Goose Doin’ What Comes Naturally… By Fern Gavelek… Hawai‘i’s beloved state bird, the nēnē, is making a comeback, and a new Hawai‘i Island study has revealed some fascinating facts about the Hawaiian goose and how … Continue reading